Latest government estimates indicate that more than 20 million people have been affected by the floods with the number in Sindh province continuing to increase. The official death toll has risen slightly to 1,677. The number of houses reported as damaged or destroyed stands at 1.25 million.



11/Jan Many communities remain at risk of Flooding in Australia


14/Oct Over 500 Cases of Dengue Virus confirmed in Pakistan


13/Oct Saviours have started Dengue Virus Awareness Campaign and placed awareness banners at all important places of Hospitals, Main Roads and Govt. Offices in Chakwal city


Free Medical Camps and Food Distribution Camps are working in Flood affected areas of Char-Sada, Noshera, Noshera Kallan, Risalpur, Kala Bagh, Rajanpur, Jampur, Muzafargar and ShadadKot from Saviours. Thousands of families are affected in these areas